Friday, October 21

Night at Museum

Kulturnatten (Kultur=Culture, Natten=The Night), Copenhagen Culture Night festival hapens every year on Friday at the beginning of Autumn’s holiday in October, and this year Copenhagen celebrated the night for the 19th time. All museums, libraries, castle, theatres, musical venues and many other institutions representing art and culture kept their doors open during the evening from 5pm to midnight. 
Big screen located at Kongens Nytorv
It is an annual night of cultures in the Copenhagen where there are about 200 events were arranged especially for this special night. Yes, there is no free thing in this world. We have to buy a Culture Pass (90kr=RM52), which consist of a badge+map+program book and a free ticket to other museums. The price might be sound expensive, but believe it or not, that is the cost to watch a movie at cinema in Denmark! The badge also valid as a ticket on busses, trains and metro trains throughout the Copenhagen.

Last year, I went to Kulturnattern with my other half. But this year, I went with the other 4 gentlemen-Malaysia and the night turned to as ‘the Guy’s Nite Out’!
Live 'plate' hand painting from Royal Copenhagen worker on big banner
Firstly, we took harbour bus (water bus) to Opera House. The Opera house is open to public. However, the Mozart’s show in the main hall is not free. The only free show was performed by a group of musicians at Talkefoltinget, at the foyers.

After that, we ventured around the City Center to visit some other sites that we would never get the chance to explore before. I really wanted to go and look in Folketinget (the Danish Parliament); however, the line was too loooong. We would have missed everything else that night! Hmm next year, may be??

Inside Christianborg Slotkirke. The churh for royal family
So, we went to Christianborg Slotkirke. We did get a chance to check out the beautiful design of the church. This royal church was re-build after a major damage by fire. Near to the church is Christianborg, a huge palace became a wonderful museum. The decoration in the castle is awesome. My friends and I spent an ample amount of time at the Christiansborg, and we watched the Royal Danish Academy of Music performing a very nice song melody. I think it’s far better than listening to Mozart at Opera House, which is more costly...
Free live orchestra music
After enjoying the music, we went to Tøjhusmusset (The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum) nearby. The timing just perfect as the Civil War’s show about to start. Although it was in Danish, but we enjoyed it. The sound effect (canon) was so real and makes our ears drone. Then, we headed to the Radhuspladsen (City Hall).
Civil War’s drama show with real canon and gun
After lots of walking and discovering around, we decided to end the night by ‘pekena roti canai’ at Kedai Mamak 24hr. And Of course there is no kedai mamak in Denmark. The only choice is to eat at Kebabish, a popular halal hub restaurant among Malaysian in Denmark. Instead of having roti canai, we ate pizza. And from the bottom of my heart, I do miss ‘roti canai banjir’ and the sweetness of teh tarik. :(
Temperature reading on a building near to Radhuspladsen . It's a cold night, 15oC!
Overall, Culture Night is a unique event because I had the opportunity to experience some aspects of Copenhagen that are so revealing of what it means to embody Danish culture. Having a nice chill night getting to connect with the country’s culture together with some friends is enjoyable. I wish Malaysia also can organize this kind of events. Therefore, many people, not only tourists but also local young generation will be exposed to our own culture!


  1. Assalamualaikum Yong,

    Bagus jugak ada event memalam atau malam budaya kat muzeum dan perpustakaan. Tapi diMalaysia kita suka pesta yg ada menari2 dan nyanyi2 atas pentas. Buat kat muzeum atau library...hmmm ontahlah!

  2. saya setuju dgn encik moh kembara tu.. kat msia, rakyatnya sukakan hiburan, nak pesta yg nyanyi2 kat pentas... kalau buat kat library, kena buat lawatan khas dr budak sekolah, br nmpak penuh... tp skang dah ramai juga yg insaf, yg sudah mahu ke masjid cari ceramah2 agama....

  3. waaahhh, culture nite.. suka acara macam ni..

  4. @MOH KEMBARA: Yep netul belum cuba belum tahu. Mungkin, dpt sambutan
    @Anonymous: bagus la, kalau dah ada perubahan
    @MULAN: Tunggu Malaysia buat mcm ni..

  5. Thank you for the information. Good try writing the entry in English. Cuma kena baiki sikit English tu dari segi grammar, vocabulary and structures.

  6. @Anonymous: Thank you for the comments. Akan cuba improve dari masa ke semasa. Thanks for reading:)



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