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Danish High School Students Celebrate Their Graduation

Yesterday, on June 24th It’s official – school is over in Denmark. And for the gymnasium (high school name in Danish) graduates, it means a time for celebration, not only with family and friends but also with the local community. In Denmark, students celebrate their graduation with a unique tradition.  

A group of happy graduates students waved to all people along the road

They tooted their horn, gave a shout of joy from morning until midnight. Many graduated student celebrated their achievements by marched around the town with their decorated Lorries.

They wear special caps, held cans of beer and shouted and cheered to all people along the road. The lorry was decorated with balloon, banner and also trees!!
Decorated Lorry from Herlev HF passing through Smørum area

The graduated students started worn their special caps since a week ago. They wear white caps, called Studenterhue in Danish that look like those worn by sailors. The student cap is made by linen with a black brim and is supplied with a band and a cockade with a Dannebrog (Denmark flag) cross or other badge. The design varies after which exam it represents. Another feature is a coloured band that identifies a student’s field of study.
Danish student cap - Picture from flickr
As all the folks waved to them saying congratulations, they waved back with their full smile. They will start their new life in universities some months later. In Denmark, ‘gymnasium’ students take an rigorous degree examination before graduate and the results of the examination more or less determine their life. The test is like the national center test for university – so called “SPM” in Malaysia.

It’s normal, ending a period in a part of our life and starting a new period. The only different is their unique tradition and the way they celebrate it J
Virum High School lorry with their porn banner!
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  1. kalau kat Norway terbalik plak...budak2 ni sambut graduation sebelum exam..diorang akan pakai macam coverall warna merah atau biru dari 1st April sampai 17 may..17 may tu hari constitution day Norway..boleh google pasal Russ in Norway..sekadar berkongsi pengalaman..

  2. @naihusna: Wah nampaknya kat Norway mcm lagi 'meriah'. Sampai sebulan pakai coverall. Dah google pasal Russ. Thanks for the info

  3. oowwhh... camtu depa celebrate graduation... meriah & seronok je rasa...



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