Monday, March 14

Participated in Survivor Program

Last week, I had joined a Survivor Program. And of course, it is not a TV reality program. It is a program called ‘DTU Spouse Survivor Program’.  As my wife was a PhD student at DTU, I am able to participate in the program. It’s was the second event organized by DTU Spouse Network, which is a part of DTU Coffee Club under DTU International Faculty Servives.

I was happy to meet new people who have same status as me-jobless spouse who has husband or wife studying/working in Denmark. There are 15 participants who come from different countries. I had met a few new friends such as Attilia Simon from Romania and Dyanna from Serbia. I was quite shocked to know the fact, that although they have much higher education and professional experience, but still not able to get a job in Denmark. 

Mr Bo from IDA
The events started with an introduction about the club from Mr. Jesper Berg (DTU International Faculty Services) then followed by Mr. Bo Falkencrone from the Danish Society of Engineers (IDA). Basically, he talked about Denmark Labour Market and what is the action need to be done after you are employed.

Then, we have another talk about the Danish CV and motivational letter (application letter) by Ms Hellere from DTU Career Center. According to her, there are 3 main ‘kvalifikationer’ (qualifications) looked by the employer in Denmark. There are ‘faglige’ (professional), ‘generelle’ (general) and ‘personlige’ (personal).  And the Danish CV is quite different as its need to be more specific and details as possible.

Ms Hellere and Mr Jesper during QA session
The day session end with a small group discussion which was more on an experience sharing session by other 3 ‘senior’ members from DTU Spouse Network, who has been employed recently. It was good to know the right information from other foreigners how to ‘survive’ in Denmark. On top of that, the knowledge on Danish Language is an advantage when applying a job as well as the main key element for better integration with local Danes community. I was lucky to have the opportunity to learn Danish since a couple of months ago.

However, I can’t concentrate 100% towards the whole talks because a France girl who sat beside me was keep looking at me. She has face 94.6% looks like Katie Holmes (Tom Cruise’s wife)..And she keep looking to me (or I’m keep looking to her?)..huhu
Katie Holmes
I’m looking forward to join another events organized by this Coffee Club, but obviously I can’t join all the program as the ‘coffee’ term actually is not referring to ‘coffee’ but beer..haha!


  1. wah..ntah2 mmg betul girl tue katie holmes kan? best nya!lao ada tom cruise lg best!hihi ^^



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