Sunday, April 17

The Queen Doesn't Want to Celebrate Her Birthday With Me

Most of the building decorated with Danish flag
When I was in Denmark, I am wondering when the Danes will celebrate their  Independence Day. However, I am totally forgotten that Denmark never been invaded by other countries (although they had war with Germany). Therefore, on 16 April every year, Denmark celebrate their 'national holiday' on the Queen of Denmark birthday. In facts, Denmark and the UK are among the few countries which do not have national days/independence day.

As my wife was thousand kilometers away in Kuala Lumpur, back to Malaysia for a conference, and I became the lonely husband who staying home, I decided to go out and explore the Copenhagen city again by myself. In addition, I need to do some groceries at Central Market (Asian market) because the fridge at home is almost empty.
Den Lille Havfrue (the little mermaid)
First, I take a train to Osterport. Then, take a walk to the famous statue of naked women in Denmark. It is Den Lille Havfrue (the little mermaid). When, I was there, 4 buses of tourist just arrived. The place was crowded with tourist, so I let the tourist conquer the area as I am not the tourist anymore in Denmark (as I do have a temporary resident permit ok!!)
Frit Danmark Museum (and the entrance also free)
Then, I walk to Frit Danmark Museum, which was just nearby the statue. It is a small museum dedicated to Denmarks patriot and their war history collection. Actually, I went to the museum because I have toilet emergency. But, at the entrance, it is clearly stated that the toilet only for museum visitor. Therefore, I have to be the museum visitor first before use the toilet! Haha
The frustrated people waiting for the Queen
Later, I quickly walk to Amalienborg (palace). Suppose, every year the Queen with family will be coming out to the balcony and wave to her people. And unfortunately, not this year. The queen and family were at Århus, at the other palace for the birthday celebration. Plus, there is a construction in the middle of Amalienborg
Special Changing Guard Ceremony
I think nearly thousand of Danes including me who are waiting passionately around the Amalienborg with their Danneborg (Denmark flag's name) are disappointed. But, the guard changing ceremony for the day was different as the palace guard worn a special uniform (to be worn only twice a year) in conjunction with the Queen Birthday.
Trees with white flower
Trees with red flower
Feel frustrated, I walkway with a bit disappointed and go to Kongens Haven (Kings Garden) to see the flowers around the Rosenborg Slot, Copenhagen. And have a lunch (packed sandwich with an apple) at a bench while watching the amazing scenery. It was wonderful and so colorful. 
Wall full with paintings
As an avid art lover, I decided to continue the city exploration and went to Staten Museum For Kunst (National Gallery of Denmark). There is a special exhibition was held, but for the normal visit in other exhibition hall, it's just FOC. Yes, I love the free thing :). It was magnificent, with 10,500 collection of paintings on the wall and sculpture dating from the early Renaissance to the most cutting-edge of contemporary art.
is it considered as art?? anyone can guess the meaning of this painting??
After that, I make some groceries at Chinatown, Thai and Kabul Market (yes, I did shopping at 3 different countries in half an hour) and back home for Zuhur prayer. I was lucky, because my neighbour was invited me for makan2. So, no need to prepare the dinner alone for the night.. 


  1. baru hari ni interview kena tanya Denmark ada Queen ke tak? rupanya baru je hari jadi dia. updated betul penemuduga...

    p/s: sayang suami tinggal-tinggalkan..=)

  2. @So how is your interview? Is it ok?

  3. UIA akan defend saya 27 april ni dengan KPT..moga moga dapat..sebab, yuran kena bayar sebelum 15 mei...manalah nak cekau duit 108,000 dkk..

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