Friday, January 28

Du er Godt!

Du er godt! Siger Karin til mig (“You are good,” said Karin (Our Teacher) to me). The words that make me smile for the whole day. Finally, my ‘little battle’ in learning Danish language for Module 1 comes to the end. Now, I   successfully can move to the next stage-Module 2.

I had to study hard smart at last two days for this test, which is taken only 10 minutes! It’s just oral/interview test which we need to speak in Danish with the assessor. A few minutes for presentation and other few minutes for dialogue base on a picture given.

In general, I must say that my Danish language was improved. Therefore, I can understand a simple sentence in the newspaper or news on TV. Even now I can communicate fluently in Danish with my wife  (because she also doesn’t know Danish..haha). However, I'm still struggling to pronounce Danish word with 'ø', 'å', 'ӕ' with correct pronunciation.

The good thing is I also can enhance my broken English as I need to communicate with other classmates during the break (illegally-not allowed by teacher!) as everybody in the class also new in Danish. I love to meet a new friend for other countries. It’s look like I'm study in a international school... (tapi jenuh jugak kene terangkan kat diorang ni bila asyik tanya kenapa saya tak boleh sentuh anjing & tak leh minum arak..)
My classmates during last day of Module 1
From Left: Imran (Kelate), Mengning (China), Dina (Egypt), Sonja Struwig Lorje (South Africa), Neetu (India), June (Korea), Pat Puttimettipanan (Thai), Elena (Rusia), Yasmeen Taj (India), Alice (England), Puspita (India), Laxmi (Nepal) & Carlos Ramos Fernandez (Costa Rica).
Not in picture: Pippa (England), Emily (New Zealand), Flores (France), Corrado (Italy), Annete (Hungary) & Mila (Serbia)

…Tiba-tiba je buat entry speaking London plak..hehe


  1. mcm mane bahasa dutch ye?? tak penah dgr :)

  2. hoho speaking london kellas... eh bestnya dah pandai cakap danish... ganbatte ne! Dur er godt tu rasanya sy baca betul2 ikut pronounciation perkataan tu tapi yg pastinya mesti ada sebutan khas kan...

  3. wow.. dr seluruh dunia ade dlm kls ko.. :)

  4. @nazrul ashraf: :)
    @s.y.a.r.q: Ducth tu bahasa orang Netherland. Orang Denmark guna bahasa Danish. Bunyi macam bahasa siam+bahasa siam+bahasa vietnam
    @Hanis MY: yep..sebutannya kekadang lain sket dan tak sama dgn apa yg ditulis
    @Heidi Shafiq: international katakan..



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