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DTU International MSc Student Introduction Week

Denmark Technical University (DTU) had organized a four-day Introduction Week for all the International students from 23-26 August 2011. There were more than 1000 international students (including exchange students) from over than 50 countries who registered for MSc study at DTU this year. And yes, I am the only from Malaysia.

On the first day, we were divided into different groups. Group A to P for Master students and Group 1 to 16 to for exchange students. The orientation took place in the Sport Hall. I was in the Group E. There were 11 people in my group, and I was the only one from Asian countries. Most of them awere from EU countries. I got to know many other new friends. And our IntroWeek guide is a friendly local Danish student name Christine.
Singing session lead by funny DTU Choir Conductor
Firstly, there was a welcoming speech by DTU Sr. Vice President who is the Dean of Graduate Studies & International Affairs. Then, all of us had fun with singing and dancing session. Yeah, that why all Danes are happy country. They love to sing and dance. We also learned the National Danish Anthem, Der er et yndigt land (There is a lovely land).  

After that, we had an ice-breaking session. We were briefed on the orientation week tentative and the other important information as given in the files by our IntroWeek guide and later, we have a campus tour. For me, there is nothing new because I am already familiar with DTU area. I came to DTU few times, especially when I joined the DTU Spouse Network programs.

However, I am happy to know that there are two Databars in the campus available to all students. There, we can use the PC for the internet, printing and photocopies and all of them are free of charge!
Group E with full team spirit for DTU Rally
In the evening, we have outdoor and indoor activities. It is more or less Amazing Race, called DTU Rally but not that tough because the objective is to ensure all the students are familiar with the campus site. We walked around and do some tasks and answering all the questions about DTU. 
Building a tower from ballon, paper, cup, straw, rope and aluminium foil
For indoor activities all the groups had to build a tower from materials provided. The key is we have to build a tower with most stable but at the same time should be as tallest/highest (H) as possible. Besides, the top of the tower must be able to hold a number of beer cans -weight (W). The total point calculated by T=H2xW. Our group only managed to hold only a can of beer, and then the 96cm height tower was collapsed on the floor.
Tower stability testing
Although these group activities might sound easy and simple, they were fun and a good way to bring the group together. Our group comes out with a funny design. The tower was designed with theme 'the definition of masculinity'. No wonder it's easy to collapse...haha
Me with new friends from Romania, Mexico and Iceland
On the second day, we had a short course organized by International Affairs. The officer told us about the entire important thing such as what to expect in class, credit transfer and also plagiarism. Guess what, they have ‘urkund’ an electronical anti-plagiarism system which installed  since 2009 in the university’s computer system to detect plagiarism on our assignment, reports and thesis sentence by sentence. Kinda scary, ain't it? 
In the afternoon, all groups went to Copenhagen. We had group tour on the Canals and sightseeing around Copenhagen. But, I am not really excited about that as it was my third time I cruised around Copenhagen. First time during Kulturnatten and the second time with my Danish classmate. I am also already familiar and had visited most of the places in the city. So, there is nothing new about the Copenhagen city for me except about the Merman Statue. I just got to know that there is a Merman Statue with seven sons in the water beside a bridge at Gammel Strand close to Christiansborg Slotkirkie.
Some girls from my group take photo with 3 old Danish lady with their 7 layer traditional clothes at Nyhavn

All of us had to complete a list of tasks while visiting the city. We had a photo competition throughout the IntroWeek where there was a long list of tasks to be completed. Some of the tasks are quite funny and strange. For instance, we have to take photos with Politi (Danish Police) and Soldier. It’s kind of weird because it’s really hard to find any single policeman in the Copenhagen city center when we were there.
Finally we took photo with Tivoli Guard to replace the 'Politi'
The other tasks were we had to take photos with some Danish boys and girls (by hugging them) and taking photos with tourist, with old lady (by helping her cross a street) and also a photo of more than three person on a bike. Besides, we also need to take photo while having fun in the playground and a photo of person who is in hurry to toilet! 
Photo Competition task; Took photo with 6 person on a bike!

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