Monday, November 8

Hunting Without Prey

7 Nov 2010. 10:15am. Temperature 5oC.
It is about time to witness another Danish tradition especially at Dyrehaven (the Deer park), Klampenborg. The Hubertus hunt is a yearly event for people as well as horses. In the local newspapers about 40,000 Danes are expected to witness the events. But, I don’t think so. May be just around 15,000.  
This annual event known as Hubertus Hunt where "hunters"/riders are hunting the "foxes"/lead riders jumping over obstacles of different kinds. Riders in red jackets follow an 8 km route containing 35 obstacles as fences and also water grave.
The hunt involves some 115 local horseback hunters, clad in white breeches and red jacket. But, there is no fox or deer involved in the hunt... As too many people around, I think all the deer was run away. But, we managed to see a few of them in the woods.
Although my wife and I get wet and muddy, we have a lot of fun to see a lot of people and dragging our feet through the thick piles of fallen autumn leaves as we made our way in the woods...

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